Would you like to go to space? Then welcome to play free online games Belka and Strelka and together go on an exciting journey to the stars.

Games Squirrel Arrow Naughty little family - a lot of different games, describing the adventures of a mischievous little family dogs astronauts. Belka and Strelka games allow children to never part with their favorite characters, making the waiting time of the new series of the animated series is not so boring. Noteworthy is also the fact that most of the games Belka and Strelka - educational and informative platform, which will undoubtedly be useful for children's development. Let your kids spend their time only to useful game! Russian animated series "Squirrel Arrow. Naughty Family "was created using computer graphics techniques. The series was created Russian animation studio "KinoAtis", it is noteworthy that the customer create the Ministry of Culture. The storyline revolves around a trio of puppies, who are the children of the legendary dogs astronauts. Adventure parents have been described in the feature animated film "Belka and Strelka. Star Dogs. " After the success of the film and the idea was implemented, to continue the adventure dogs astronauts in the format of the animated series. At the legendary dogs have three children: Rex, Bagel, Dean. Dream Home puppies - to repeat the success of their parents and fly a rocket into space. To realize his dream trio even trying to break into a real spaceship, but instead of flying puppies come in a variety of ridiculous situations. However, thanks to the solidarity, friendship and cooperative efforts, puppies get out of any situation. In addition to the problems with the implementation of their dreams, puppies are also very often are involved in ordinary life problems. It is in the resolution of such problems and domestic disputes is instructive basis of the animated series. The main characters of the series: Rex is the oldest, and by the age of the most responsible of the three puppies. Smart, but at the same time the most shy and modest. Rex also features exceptional honesty. The hero of the world are interested in the device because he reads a lot of informative nonfiction. By type of temperament - phlegmatic. Love of reading a bit spoiled vision, because Rex wears glasses. In difficult situations, able to correctly analyze the circumstances and take the right decision. Often manifests its own ingenuity and initiative. Unlike his brother and sister, not hooligans and has good behavior. Because of his thought can be inattentive to detail; Bagel - average age puppy, which features a huge love of mischief. What makes it the complete opposite of his older brother diligent. Because of its lively character and constant desire to do things his own way, very frequently in different nasty and funny situations. Gets out of problematic situations mainly due to their own luck and fortune, but often helps him practical advice elder brother. Often tries to involve Rex in his adventures, but after in most cases received from his brother denied involvement, attracts adventurous younger sister Dinah; Girl Dean is the youngest of all the puppies. Dean's activity, initiative, cheerful and enjoys every day of his life. Never give yourself offense, the offender an adequate response. Like any other girl, loves to look beautiful. Do not like it when someone interferes in its affairs. Often to his older brothers initiated the next adventure, which necessarily lead to comical situations.