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Lovers 8-bit consoles can now play games online Contra. Shoot the enemies and perform important tasks will be interesting to those who play the game for the first time.

Network shooters were one of the first games that captivated players to stay. What would you say there is not advertising banners modern MMO shooters, as the first truly mass product of the gaming industry in this genre is exactly Counter Strike. Contra - is the holy of holies of network shooters, which for more than ten years has been on the e-sports arena. All attempts to establish or continue a series of analogues failed miserably as a more balanced game so far failed to find. The essence of the game is quite simple: you need a team with weapons to defeat the opposing team. For the seed plot - the terrorists and kontrterroristy fighting on the battlefields, captured first. There is also a mission related to the capture and holding of hostages. But behind the apparent simplicity lies precisely thoughtful balance, which essentially consists in the accurate shooting and care. Formations and various non-standard techniques such as replanting add incredible excitement and diversity of the gaming battlefield. Competition in the arena of cyber Contra view remains number one for many years. Many players are exclusively devoted to the game, while exercising every day. Counter Strike has become not just a game, it's a full life for the many dedicated to the world. However, asking the search engine to play contra online , users often want to find a completely different game. Unlike many of today's children, for people under thirty years of Contra - a game on the console. The same shooter, or more precisely, walker, speaking vocabulary of simple games. Simple, like all games of this kind, Contra players won their boundless infinity. You can play in the contra day without a break. So what, that is the twentieth round, so what, that all the enemies are known to millimeters? The main thing that is interesting. After all, every level of the game is unique, and the total amount does not seem monotonous. For the seed went gaming legend forsiruemaya experienced players among the newcomers, that if the pass game nine times in a row, there will be something incredible. Of course, nothing happened. But the interest of such legends grew up very active. Now both games are classics, so their fans can be called in a different computer as the old-timers. But remember his youth, taking machine in hand and go into battle through the jungle, snow, and desert lair newcomers will help our website, or rather here this page which contains all the games, the appropriate tag contra. Absolutely free and without registration, directly from our server.