Free Game Cold Heart

Embark on an interesting journey along with the characters of free online games Braveheart Princess Anne, Christoffer, snowman and reindeer Sven Olaf. Play with pleasure!

Games Cold Heart created the plot animation films known to all their wonderful products studio Walt Disney Pictures. As much as 102 minutes is a demonstration of the film "Cold Heart" filmed in 2013, but the story is perceived in the same breath, and to view their entire families join. Feature can be called a kind of cartoon humor, saturation musical compositions, elements of action and computer graphics. Last unusual for the studio, but they do not make a mistake by deciding to apply innovation in their work, as evidenced by this award - Oscar. The theme echoes the fairy tale "The Snow Queen" Christian Andersen, but with significant changes. Characters fall into difficult situations, dangerous adventures, showing themselves to be real heroes, able to overcome all. Games for girls Cold Heart tells the story of Princess Anne, which is accompanied snowman Olaf brave Kristoff and deer Sven. On a plot of the cartoon, they pave the way through the mountain ranges covered with eternal snows, to help her sister Anna - Elsa. She accidentally did something wrong and imposed a curse on the kingdom Erendel. Now it can be lost beneath the permafrost, carrying with him the life of all the inhabitants. This similarity is also seen scenes stories and the writer version of "Cold Heart." But unlike the evil Snow Queen, our Elsa does not suffer from this disease, and possessing magical abilities, just not always skillfully uses his gift. Traced it and features Kai, but fell under the ice magic sister, Princess Anne, is the embodiment of Gerda, a little robber Andersen served as a way for Kristoff. Initially, the creators wanted to make the movie Elsa too angry, but when she wrote for the touching song "Let go and forget" instead, in order to search for a new music solution for her character, it was decided to change the very character and part of the script. Work on the product was far advanced, and the result showed that not in vain. Now it will be interesting to compare the cinematic incarnation of the game and Cold Heart, in which there is something to fall into raptures. Girls, of course, gladly accept characters to choose outfits, stroll with them on beauty salons to get their hair done personally, correct manicure. Clicking on items of clothing, you send them to the heroine, and dress shoes or accessory immediately appear on it. Everything sparkles and shimmers silver sparks, observing the specified snow theme. You can even change the background on which the character is that he is better emphasized style and color of the dress. Hair color lends itself to us, and when decided on the form of stacking, see how it will play, if you change its color. It looks elegant and festive in the cold brilliance of shimmering snowflakes. Cold Heart Games Action will send you along with Kristoff and Anna pass the mission, aimed at saving Elsa and Erendela, that the country is back spring. Anna needs to find bunches of flowers, and pick up the rope Kristoff. Before him a difficult task, are obstacles, icy mountains. Driving alternately every hero, try to cope with the task, giving residents of the kingdom feast. Also play games offering cold heart in search of elements in the figures, and it is always something new sprocket tsiferki, Latin letters. Using a magnifying glass, you will achieve its much faster. And when the first stage was carried out, gather strength, because in front of new surprises.