Like fighting, shooting and racing? Then proceed to play free games Generator Rex. With the main character you will have to take a long road and fight with formidable enemies.

The boys always imagine themselves heroes adventure stories, anime or comic books. Fantasy turns them into knights, supermen, space rangers. They are alive, how to repel the attacks of the aggressors, cracking down in droves. Of course, at some point they cause injury, but they grin and bear it, did not even flinch, because their duty - to destroy the enemy. Games Rex became an ideal platform to be transported there, where the most dangerous events. The protagonist gets into extremely intricate, unusual and dangerous situations. From space, the depths of the earth's surface and constantly threatens someone. Extraterrestrials are attractive to our planet for profit and capture the local population, that would make us delusional thinking or pick up the minerals that we ourselves would be useful. Tolerate such insolence impossible, because to empty bowels of the earth and to bring ecological disaster. Generator Rex games continue cinematic story of an explosion in a dark, cool space, provided the impetus for the release of unbridled energy. It sold out in a wave of hand and touched the earth, infecting organisms nanites - lethal bacteria. One infected enough molecules to man lost control, became a wild beast. To combat the problem of organization appeared "Providence", which lies in the problem of tracking down and destroying mutants. Rex is the most talented Ranger, but the trouble and touched him - he is infected with nanites. Willpower he keeps his beast inside, not letting him to appear. But the virus has brought benefits and making Rex immortal, powerful and invincible. It uses a new ability to fight and always involved in the most dangerous jobs. He is not afraid to exceed the rate shows complex tricks, fighting bravely, even with dinosaurs of the Jurassic period. Because of the displacement time continuum, often occur jumps and mixing eras - things come to us, and the inhabitants, both past and future. And when you straightened with T. rex, meet Biovulfa. For him, Rex stashed special gun, but can apply their fists and hammers to score a scoundrel. In the course of events you get new powers and possibilities, but do not forget that experience increases and your opponent. And if you want to just have fun by throwing snowballs Biovulfa and when will knock his hat Santa, can celebrate the winner. Fun at the races, a fast ride on a super bike Rex or play dress up, picking up the hero of the battle for the future of the costume. Dilute the plot of the game, Ben and Rex, where the two heroes face off and luck. Both are pretty strong and do not want each other to concede superiority. They both goodies, but all the boys are ready to argue over trifles. Everyone feels more important, better and stronger, and that's because they had an argument that converged in a duel. But do not fear - for them it's just like a workout and training. Let naughty and pomashut fists instruct cones, exchange experiences. A moment will come and they will stand to one side when you see a really serious enemy, and then the game Ben and Generator Rex will flow in a different direction. You will choose one of the characters to act against the enemy. And if this is the game for two, then disassemble the role and act together. Open the game Rex and Ben 10, and save your planet from the robots, aliens, mutants and other misfortunes which are simply too many.