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The ratio of people Intellect has always been ambiguous. Separation of people's physical and mental labor, invented a long time ago, yet does not solve anything in this world. After all, some of the categories of office workers are unlikely to meet the definition of intellectual work. Their work with the technical means such as copier and shredder, and the ability to send e-mails, in our time has nothing to do with intelligence. So how is all the people of the city take advantage of these advances in science at home, that is the most common and skills. And the lack of load level unloading wagons with coal on the muscles employee does not make him an intellectual worker. But most of this kind of technical staff proudly sent Friday to celebrate, being sure that they work mentally. However, the load on some higher intelligence in many specialties traditionally working. For example, to put quality tiles in the bathroom, you need to have a much more developed brain skills to operate than a photocopier and a coffee maker. Therefore, the division on the intellectual and specialty workers have long been out of date as it is. Rather, it is necessary to divide workers for talented managers who are able to organize the work in any field and high-quality staff who can carry out their load when quality of work organization. The third category could include people, plants or humans, offices, whose skill allows bundles of work, as they say, turnkey. But, nevertheless, this division if coming to us, will not be accepted for many years. After all, the desire for rank and psevdointellektualnosti knowledge worker has come not only in the 90s, but also actively stepped up in the USSR, although officially intellectuals were persecuted. The value of higher education in our time is purely social, but does not give bonuses to employment, and the need for specialists that level has long been abundantly covered. This situation is reflected even in the gaming world. In particular, many of us are familiar intellectual games. When a pompous title, most of them either belong to the category of computer simulations of various off-line games like checkers, chess, or of, or are the simplest tasks on sheer logic. Whatever it was, and stretch your mind such games help on time, and so they are uniquely useful for everyone without exception. You can play them in this section of our website.