Games about New Year Free

Game New Year is always relevant, because it is either approaching or have recently passed. Never too late to start playing online to come up with costume, menu or decor of the room.

Who does not love the new year? The holiday, which brings happiness to all who are open to it. Allows you to plunge into the world of fairy tales and magic, believe that dreams can come true. How much joy we experience New Year's Eve! Children waiting for a good Santa Claus or Santa Claus will welcome gifts, adults make wishes for the festive fight Courant. How would like to see a truly magical holiday comes as possible thicket. Impossible, you say? Even as possible. One of the most popular groups of Flash games are just games New Year. How many different jobs they pose to yourself! She can not pick up a Christmas outfit or make up and manicure for the party - it will help you. You need to find a costume for the celebration of the Chinese New Year? Nothing is easier! And what could be more fun than decorating a room or the whole house, which will be celebrating? You have a great opportunity to visit the factory of the Santa, help him spread the gifts to the children, to get acquainted with his relatives and aides, and even become a loyal ally in the fight against evil forces which will make every attempt to destroy this long-awaited holiday. Thus, the New Year will always be with you no matter what the court - spring, hot summer or rainy autumn! New Year games are found everywhere. But for the successful implementation of the tasks need to know the history of the holiday, as noted by him in one way or another country, what clothes to wear, preferably on this wonderful holiday. New Year - one of the oldest holidays. As you might have guessed, the arrival of this day marked the transition from the last year in the future. Celebrate the New Year began in Mesopotamia in the third thousand BC. Tradition to celebrate the arrival of the New Year on January came to us from ancient Rome. Roman ruler Julius Caesar established January 1 as the day of the transition into the New Year already in 46 BC. While this festival among the Romans was dedicated to the god of choice and started all kinds - Janus, after whom, incidentally, was named the month January. The tradition of celebrating the New Year from all countries are different. Differences are found everywhere: someone comes to Santa (U.S., Canada, several European countries), and Santa Claus to someone (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus), someone dresses up Christmas tree, and someone hits satisfied dragons and burns fires (China), someone in the spring New Year (Iran, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan), and someone in the winter. In England, taken in addition to the Christmas tree, hanging around the house sprigs of mistletoe. There is a belief that if the pair met under the mistletoe - a must kiss. Italians in the New Year trying to throw as much as possible of old junk. Swedish small children each year selects among girls queen Lucius, who gives gifts to the whole family. Some Spaniards in the New Year's Eve refuse alcohol, as if meeting the first night of the year. Mexicans handed their offspring gingerbread men. In Turkey, there is no custom of celebrating the New Year, so this is considered a secular holiday and Muslim clergy very negative attitude towards the noisy New Year's festivities. Since our Santa and his American colleague know everything - see how the characters are called the New Year in some other countries: • Sweden - Yul Tomte; • Solar Italy - Babbo Natale; • Mongolia - Uvlin Ugvun (the main pasta); • The Netherlands - Sinter Klaas; • Finland - Joulupukki; • Japan - Oji-san; • France - Pere Noel; • United Kingdom - Phaser Christmas; • China - Shen Dan Laor;