Normal game cartoon free

Offer to play online free games Normal cartoon. Help best friends Mordecai and Rigby go through all the missions and tasks of the game.

Normal cartoon games perfectly illustrate the fact that even the most simple, unremarkable day can turn into an exciting adventure and fight evil. However, it is natural, because you can never tell when a villain make his next blow. Normal game cartoon blow rage - a great action game that draws you into the world of the battle between good and evil in the regular cafe. As guns are the cutlery and all the other items that fall under the arm you and your enemies. Do not spare anyone, because the enemy will not be as merciful to you, and attack at any available opportunity! Normal cartoon games you can play not only in single player mode, and together with a friend. Call a friend and together help Mordecai and Rigby to fight evil! "Normal cartoon" is a popular American animated series, which was filmed by the order of the legendary TV channel Cartoon Network. Aired, starting in 2010. In the CIS countries broadcasting its dubbed version began in 2012. One of the few animated series, which in 2012 won the "Emmy". Each series is conceived as a separate story, containing a simple, uncomplicated and consistent story. Illogic and spontaneity of stories in the series - more than a familiar sight, sometimes it is so confusing that the viewer simply is often not ready for the events that occur on the screen. It is this confusion is the main distinctive feature and at the same time the dignity of the series. Another feature of this animated series from the typical American cartoon production animation - is the absence of any background music during the opening credits of the series. However, the creators did not want to because of his extraordinary series received poor ratings and became unpopular in the audience. Therefore, in order not to attract too much attention and not cause any suspicion of a permanent "adventure storyline," an animated series called "The usual cartoon." Interesting animated series tells us about the adventures of two friends: raccoon Rigby and his friend blue jays - Mordecai. Friends working in the city park. As auxiliary characters' act their employees: Bigfoot Skips, eternally joyful Pops and director - Benson. Also in the park, but in the other team work rivals the main characters: Let the nickle and muscular. Friends are constantly trying to avoid them are pretty boring work, but for their own irresponsibility they regularly have to pay. Thought only of their own fun constantly lead the main characters to some absurd situations. However, almost always they somehow manage to get out of an awkward situation. Protagonists mulseriala: Rigby - a raccoon-old, which often conflicts with his best friend Mordecai. In general, Rigby often conflicts with all the others, because the raccoon lives only in his own pleasure. Most of the problems faced by the main characters, it is the fault occur Rigby. Fortunately, Mordecai often saves his arc, although there were also situations where Rigby came to the aid of his friend. During the period of the four seasons of the series, Rigby died four times, but each time after his death, resurrected hero; Mordecai - twenty-three blue jay and raccoon Rigby's best friend. Mordecai more conscientious than his friend, he often tries to fulfill their job responsibilities, but then rivalry with Rigby leads the hero to another wrangle. Thanks to its head, Mordecai almost all wins his friend. Unlike a raccoon in the series Mordecai died only once, however, as Rigby - resurrected.