Online Simulation Life

Simulator games life allow you to create a virtual copy of a real life. Your task is to create a family, find a job and do not forget about the self.

Simulator games - a very specific genre. And it represents the kind of kvintesentsiyu computer games as such. After all, as the TV at the time made ​​it possible to wave a magic wand to get where you have never been to. Cinema invites us to experience what we have never in my life felt. And the games give the opportunity to do that for many it is simply impossible in reality. Drive a tank, to become a fighter pilot, to lead the spacecraft to the stars, to build and design a city (economic simulations ), and so on. Several strange look on this background Simulation life. After all, they offer a person in game format to do what he does every day. Go to work, to furnish a house, buy things on credit, raise children, and put up a quarrel with his second half. Billions of people are doing it every day in the real world. And thousands of people repeat the same scenario in special games of life simulations. What for? The answer is obvious. These games give a person very important in today's world feeling. It is an illusion of control. Rather, in the case of virtual reality is not an illusion. After all, you really clicks of the mouse and pressing buttons control the life and destiny of the character in every detail. You can get it to starve to death or suddenly get rich, make an offer sweetheart or continue to use the services of prostitutes. Third SIMS - the most popular life simulator - you can even get a man to become pregnant, and from aliens. And who among us can boast such an easy and comprehensive control over your life? After all, as you know, man proposes and God disposes. Many would say that they are completely in control of their lives, but they do not give rest to the words of Bulgakov's Woland. Yes and career success, and build a happy family life even hundreds of mouse clicks will not succeed. Whichever way you started - in front of a lot of mistakes, falls, frustration. And you never know what awaits you at the next turn of fate. Life simulators completely neutralized with an unpleasant feeling. Here, everything always goes according to your plan. Acquainted with the fascinating and complex world of simulators life you can in many places in the network. But it's best to do it on our site. Especially since you already were on the right page. Here you will find many unique games of this subject. Feel free to start playing - they are all free, conveniently loaded online, without requiring any additional costs and activities.