Sonic X Games Online

Sonic X Games offer to participate in the new adventures of the blue hedgehog. In Sonic X Games to play online will be interesting for both growns and kids.

On the crest of the global popularity sometimes rise very strange characters, the charm of which are difficult to understand from the outside. The examples are not far to seek - Japanese Sonic hedgehog is very clearly illustrates this point. One can understand the logic of the game fans who loved this hero of exciting moments spent with him in endless arcades. But in Japan, on the wave of popularity of games of Sonic anime was created with this character in the lead role. And it, too, was a success. Moreover, now many are looking for online games Sonic X, it is guided by his love for the series. And considering that such a cool cartoon must have been cloned in game format. And they have absolutely no idea that the first one was still playing. What is so attractive to the public anthropomorphic blue hedgehog? Apparently, this anime is designed for those who like the style of drawing, claimed back in the game and reached its peak on television. Characters Sonic X - bright, acid colors sometimes being. They have a disproportionately large head, branded white gloves and a huge shoes on slender legs. This silhouette of anyone you do not like? Yes, it is drawn in a different style, a little more disproportionate, but nevertheless quite recognizable Disney's Mickey Mouse. So, in that way there is something attractive. First of all for the children. After all, this animated series in the first place and is designed for the youngest children to read. Already as a teenager children tend to lose interest in the multi-colored hedgehogs and prefer characters with a human face. Especially the story of Sonic does not stand out against the background of hundreds and even thousands of anime. The same infernal villain, the same special universe, inhabited by colorful characters with abnormal proportions, the same artifacts, and so on and so forth. Honestly, probably the Sonic X online play would make a lot more people than watch it. If, of course, such a game came out. After all, what looks organically in the game world is not always possible to move on the screen. For example, the Mario Bros. feature film, although made ​​history as the first film, loosely based on a video game, nothing more, and the audience does not remember. But to play the Mario brothers love so far. So the game Sonic X surely would have enjoyed greater popularity than the cartoon of the same name. Therefore, our site offers a wide range of attention to this game with Sonic. We not only offer classic arcade games with this hero, but also the creation of the modern game designers, inspired by the way Sonic.