Swimming Online Games

Discovering free online games swimming, players are attached to the big sports and competitions, but still can make the company mermaids and other underwater inhabitants.

Do you dream of how dissecting the water surface confident movements? Coolness of water helps your body to cool down after a grueling heat. You make sure clear movement, and you have the right to swim envy professional swimmer? Now you can realize such dreams, because it is for this game, there are swimming. Try your hand at different styles of swimming, and compete with the most famous athletes and achieve new sports tops: in the game you do not limit! What attracted us to the game about swimming? Games swimming is not only open for us all the positive part of the sport, they motivate us to his own self, demonstrating that even the most realistic goal may be achievable. At least, you can look at it from a different angle, and even then it will not seem so unrealistic. Huge opportunities offered to us by modern game industry sometimes create a truly spectacular symbiosis of different game genres. Similarly, with the simulator of sailing: there is a huge variety of modes, where you can manifest itself. In the first place - sports mode. Extreme desire to win, and the exceptional experience that feels any competitor, even if it is in the virtual world. In the second place, swimming - it is always an adventure. Just imagine that you choose the game mode competition on the open water. In this case, you are competing not only with other athletes, but also the elements. You do not expect a quiet and steadfast pool water, sometimes for more than can make significant adjustments to the alignment of the athletes at the finish podium. Also noteworthy is the fact that this athlete swimmer you can feel absolutely free - games are freely available on the internet, and all that is needed - access to the worldwide network. Swimming is a sport, the main essence of which - to overcome a certain distance swim in the shortest period of time. One of the main restrictive rules in this sport discipline governs the amount of time the athlete has the right to carry out during the underwater swim. Today, after the start of the rotation or in the basin, the athlete has the right to sail no more than fifteen meters below the water surface. Those sports where participants compete on speed, swimming under water, do not apply to swimming and to underwater sports. Archaeological studies allow to assert with confidence that people have learned to swim in the days of ancient Egypt. Ability to move on the water, has also been extended to the territory of Phoenicia and Assyria. Of particular interest is the fact that the methods of navigation ancient people, judging by the rock paintings and preserved chronicles, were very much like the popular styles today in swimming - breaststroke and front crawl. In ancient times wore swimming exclusively applied nature. Swimmers were required in the case of fishing, hunting waterfowl animals, military, shipbuilding willows mining underwater "treasures". Sporting aspect swimming received in ancient Greece, there was thought that the sport is an extremely important aspect in the physical education of the person.