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The girls will be very interesting game Winx puzzle featuring favorite Winx Club fairies.

Confrontation pink and blue incorporated into our brains at the state level. After all, the Soviet system that spawned classic color antagonism, which is now manifested in the design of everything from clothes to cars. Cheap to produce pink, all of which were painted maiden in the union, has become a symbol of glamor and femininity in some circles. While in the West the color is perceived is not the way it is done in our latitudes. The problem is that European and American schools have long come to the conclusion that the brevity of the design, including fashion design, is key to creating a normal attire. Our people tend to dress the same as vividly as possible, resulting in an influx of vulgarity and unsightly disharmony not only in color but also in the cut. Pink color in terms of the psychological impact is a factor that is quite similar to the child's crying. After all, neither the one nor the other to the human eye and ear can not get used to. That is, if the other sounds and colors can be used, and the brain will filter them, not paying attention, then these options are not quite cached. But the latter-day fashionista believe that it draws attention to their appearance. Certainly, pink eye-catching not only men, but also to the support of individuals of one sex pink dress. But here they are confused physiological aversion, which manifests itself in a highly fonyaschem hue and, accordingly, can not look away from the graphic noise, which does not allow to focus on what or otherwise, with enthusiasm, beauty and delight. After all, people are unlikely to be able to tear your eyes from the bright, dazzling colors in the first few minutes, not because of what he saw with delight. So with pink case. Who does not believe - try to play the game Winx puzzles on this page - guaranteed spots before his eyes. Cold antipode pink - light blue or light blue, their psychological characteristics implements is less clear. Soft, transparent blue - it is very close to the neutral color tone. Is considered to be a neutral gray with a large admixture of blue. But the acid blue - not less irritable than pungent pink. So in the male colors is full of options for rules and neutrality. In general, it is important just to know a lot about the use of a particular hue. Everything should be in place and time, otherwise from the most stylish attire no avail. Who was forced to go after work at a rock concert in the Fanzone - he will understand it uncomplicated approval.