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In this category, fighting games for free collected many interesting stories of street fights and sports. Play the game you can fight as a street fighter, a professional boxer, ninja, samurai, and apply a variety of fighting styles, such as boxing, kapuero, Sambo, Kung -fu, fight with swords and others. Be careful, as the battle can take place both by the rules, and without them. Fighting games will help you without exhausting training to become a master of kung fu or a great fighter, hone your skills strokes, techniques and cuttings! Fighting games with swords will help you learn to wield the knife is perfect. Fighting games online for free allows you to go through various job or just to spend one-on- one battle with the enemy, and sometimes multiple opponents. Play each game, you can fight as games in this category are easy to manage but, nevertheless, the plot of games is very interesting and exciting. Do not be afraid of enemies, show them what you can do.