Free online game Hulk

Green giant with superhuman strength became the character Hulk games. Playing the game Hulk, you will destroy the house and confront tanks and helicopters.

To understand the nature of the popularity of some movie or multgeroya, we must grow up in an environment where they were created. That's what happened with a giant green-skinned Hulk - one of the heroes of the Marvel Universe comic. American teenagers and even growns present perceive it as an organic part of this universe. Which, last but not least, is famous komiksovoy skillful interweaving stories. And they are all the characters we 're used to seeing one at a time - Batman, Captain America and the Hulk again. Therefore, each of them has a backstory, and much longer than the linear biography. And fans of comic books, he saw another of their adaptation, resent the fact that the filmmakers deep enough to reveal the image of their favorite hero. And the audience from other countries, comic books in the hands of almost held it, wondering why they show the history of the mad scientist and his mutant son of the Hulk. So even with the stepping stone for the extension - which can not be all cram into one movie. No you can not, because the story of the Hulk has been going on for years. And the end is not planning. She has continued in its global network. At this time in the guise of playing the Hulk. And if only one! Of course, Hulk games with his participation does not yet worthy of a separate genre or direction, but they are already quite a lot. Gamers will love the idea of ​​smashing the city and catch helicopters with green and obviously unfriendly giant. Today, the image of the Hulk, starring exploit almost all well-known game genres. First, of course, fights, fighting games. After all, this image is simply created for a military solution to the conflicts in the virtual arena. Second, a variety of platformers, where the hero can be quite heavy smartly jump and run through the levels. Along the way, of course, destroying enemies and collecting artifacts. Clearly, few shooters with Hulk. After all, a mutant created as a perfect weapon, a few neorganichno looks with a gun or a bazooka in his hands. While some developers have no sense of style still give him a hand firearms. After all, his presence Hulk play makes those who are tired of faceless characters, and who wants to play for a recognizable character. And after showing two full-length movies about him, the Hulk such, of course, is even in our latitudes. Under the special tag on our website we have collected and posted to the free access all the game about the Hulk. They are totally different and are united only by one character. His fans and fans of the game of diversity, this approach should appeal.