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Want to test your skills and strategic planning skills, we invite to play online strategy.

If you like to plan, create, trying to foresee the result of their labors in the future, therefore, free strategy game invented for you. Wherever it is necessary to develop a plan of action, the games can be called strategic. Each step involves a chain by which things will develop, and the ability to make good decisions lead to success. No army can win the battle, if the soldiers poorly armed, trained, clothed and hungry. Their morale is in decline, and they will give up easily at the mercy of the victor. To show himself a competent commander, begin to develop their teams, their furnished our military town and enrich natural resources. You understand correctly - to have access to provisions, weapons and construction materials, you need money. In the field, they can be extracted from the earth, so, send the command to the mines for the extraction of metals and stones. Using them, you will forge weapons and mint their own coins to buy everything that you need. Over time, you will grow new construction - fortifications, towers, blacksmiths, houses, stables, and others. Play online strategy and interesting to those who wish to experience the excitement of exploration of other planets, go to the sea journey and fight with the pirates, to see the life of microbes. Each version of its exciting moments that will leave no one indifferent. Everyone wants to find a chest of gold that pirates buried on distant islands. It promises a lot of adventures, fights with sea bandits, vicious predators, the elements of nature. Or be on the side of law and reflect the invasion of enemy ships at the port. A flotilla heading to your shores, and you just have to destroy it more on the outskirts. Playing online strategy, you can embark on different paths and find themselves in a completely unfamiliar world for us, for example, the microbial world. They nest in the body whole colonies and complicate human life. Your task is to drive them from their pleasant living environment and bring good health to man. Just using the right tactics, you will be able to cope with the disease. Even you can do business and to develop a network of shops, hotels and restaurants. This peace deal, but even then not without strict laws of business - one wrong move and you will destroy the competition. As usual, it all starts with a small and a lack of money. Each toy must adhere to the rules, and the goal is always the same - to rise to the top of the capitalist Olympus. Sell ​​food, clothing, jewelry, minerals, develop hospitality rooms and their service, feed the hungry restaurant patrons. Knowing the needs of customers, you can take a popular decision and ennoble halls decorative elements, and to facilitate their labor and speed, equip the workspace with modern machinery. Farm development also relates to strategic games, it's also a business, though, and is developing on the ground. Watch out for the consumer market to always be aware of, cultivate the necessary products to enter into contracts for the supply of products and stick to the stipulated conditions, so as not to lose the point of sale. From a small piece of land will gradually increase your farm in a large farm, which already has its own small factory and a factory for processing of raw materials. All online strategies offered to pass the examination for chief. Even if you do not have to do with the army, you are still at the helm and direct the events with their own channel.