As teenagers living in America, will help you learn the game online American girl. In fact, just as we do - love fashion, discos and friends. Start playing and see for yourself.

American girl game will introduce you to Caroline, who will be happy to invite your friend and accompany her during games and travel. Together offers pleasant hiking on nature, a beauty salon, casino competition, employment, and more. Being active in all spheres of life, Caroline never bored, because she's so restless inventor! Wanting to learn everything she already knows how to manage this boat and ready to roll you. Hop on board and "kiss off! . " But you will not just go with the flow and collect barrels. Points will each find and bring to pass the level. Manage such a boat is very easy, because she listens to even a light movement of the computer mouse. Rotate it, you will send a ship to any point on the water surface, but not clash with mooring and be careful. If you accidentally plucked at it, you will not turn over, but lose a few kegs and game points, which will throw you back one step in the passage. Toy fairly simple, but still attractive. Without requiring special skills player, it fascinates and passing it to the end, you can repeat the feat and set a new record for the collection barrels glasses. Games American girls continue aquatic theme and Caroline invites to join her on a fishing trip. She loves to sit in a boat on a lake and fishing. This brings us to the philosophical thought and makes peaceful mood, and when it starts biting, then immediately comes excitement. Waving and Throwing a fishing rod in the water, where fish swim very different. On which trailer to get you hooked, scores depend on your account. Already pulling minnow on the surface, you will learn what it's worth. There is a lake and special items, and you can recognize them by the beautiful glow. If you catch this, consider yourself lucky! American girl doll games not forgotten beauties addicted to dresses, beautiful hair and makeup. Amused with Caroline, you can come and create any suit, turning in the minds of the idea of ​​fashion. Stylish little things you do not remain unnoticed, and a hairdresser is always open for experimentation. And when the image is ready, it's time to go to work, where you call a girl a year. Caroline works as a waitress in a cafe and serves the hungry visitors. They come to the counter and waiting for it to suit them. By clicking on the question mark, you know what they want these people, and go to the relevant tables where different dishes placed with drinks. Went rapidly to quickly take several orders and collect them all on a tray. Then come back to the counter and press the visitors to give them food. Staying new customers quickly and do not have time to serve some as all gathered. And then there's the cashier wants something from you and you need to find that. American games for girls for a long time will entertain you, by posting some sports, traveling in a balloon and other modes of transport. You'll see how going to Russian nesting dolls, and play with the pets. The game is the compilation of chains, which are also called "three in a row", with his new girlfriend will grow lush greenery of its gardens, or go in search of valuables. You will have many more jobs that will teach be nimble, attentive, well-aimed, quick witted and observant. It's not just computer fun and practical training material made in the original style, accompanied by a nice melody and sounds to make you interesting and fun.