There are different versions of the game of backgammon and many of them are presented in this section. For example, you can play online backgammon long, developing sharpness of thought and care.

Culture of markets and other retail space is quite interesting. It is just as diverse, as all the rest of life, so many of us do not realize what is really going on behind the scenes stalls and trailers. Economic situation of the period of the 90s of the 20th century led to the fact that traditional trade contingent - the people with the appropriate skills, as well as many representatives of the producers (farmers ) - has been diluted with a high degree of intelligence. As a result, the market has formed a very mixed bunch Wednesday. In addition, many of the young people elect their trading activity in the market because it is decorated with the word entrepreneur proud that in the same 90 -s it was very fashionable and symbolized wealth and position in society. However, do not fall into the abyss of the market - also an art. After sitting on the monotonous point leads to a search of entertainment that can keep him occupied. But, then there are many options to stumble. In the cold of winter, many of the members of the profession tend to warm up quite ineffective traditional methods. So certain are generally not large, but not small, amounts of alcohol consumed by some merchants almost every day. What can it lead - Much has been written about this. Fortunately, the percentage of workers of the market is small, most are heated with tea and coffee. But what is to occupy themselves in such a situation? It is difficult to say, do not leave the workplace, and in a monotonous row of stalls to do nothing. Someone crossword puzzles, some read books, but not the whole day to do it. And it is necessary to move to the toilet and eat hunt. Willy- nilly, this leads to the fact that traders sdruzhayutsya with neighbors on the premises. And the company has more fun, but again, the lessons are not so many. Here come to the aid game. No, no computer, simple. More often than not - the fool, or other variants of card games. The intelligentsia has brought to market the world a little eternal pastimes. For example, traders are now fighting in chess, and not a serious level, it is quite normal. Another game that is very often staying on the market - it's backgammon. By the way, what is a primitive game - it's just confusing, because in fact backgammon more than 5,000 years. Although in the game and there is a very large share of luck, a skilled player can affect the slope of the scales of victory very much. To verify this statement on his experience, try the online backgammon long play directly on our site. This page is specially created for this purpose.