Chamber of Secrets game for free

We offer online games secret room where you need to find a way out of the room, to scour the back alleys in search of useful items. To win, you have to show the wonders of ingenuity and patience.

Unravel the secrets of all kinds - not an easy task. However, even if you're just a boy in street shoes and sportivkah, still want to play as the cleverest detective who can easily solve any mystery that he has a plot. In life, it can lead to problems, as most of these are not unraveled the secrets for a reason, and because many people do not want these secrets to someone figured out the most. Here comes to help the computer world with its gaming industry. After the game, in which it is possible to feel the real Poirot or Colomb, always popular. And, most importantly, for this kind of games are always there was a rule: the game can not really be overcomplicated. Attempts authors of such works to create something super complex, as a rule, lead to cries of intellectuals: Sad! After the selection of the six-digit code when cinematics per minute for every action - not a pleasant one. Yes, it's complicated, but only because sinematika eats up most of the playing time. Call this kind of game can be fun and challenging only those who do not understand the principle of selection of such code. Therefore, from a certain point all the games on unraveling the mysteries, usually uncontested simple. The main interest in them is only that they give the appearance of a logical sequential transmission. In this case, the hero in the face of the player does not have a chance to go off the rails to the authors, so it is replaced by the logic of personal perseverance and care. As a result, developers are happy because they wrote only one chain of events that are not shelled out for the rendering of complex story lines and endings, and pass, and the player who closes the game with a sense of mystery to unravel. Moreover, around quests and similar games have always had an aura that created by the players themselves. For example, fans of the famous game in which you need to leave the room and come up with a beautiful legend about what to get this game - and the person will get a list of unique four thousand inhabitants of the planet earth, who managed to do it. In this community games have millions of fans. It is unlikely that they are one game over the years, not having an intellectual resource for this. Especially, the Chamber of Secrets allows you to play online with no problems, so now test their strength can all nick global network. Legend has burst like a soap bubble. But her fans still foaming at the mouth to prove that they are unique and very smart.