Game Lines 98. Play online

Create a line of the same colored shapes playing games Lines 98. Play online games Lines is available for free on our site.

We offer you one of the old, but still populyarnyuyu the Internet, puzzle game lines 98 to play online! The purpose of this line is the game balls to collect the balls of the same color in a line. Game dostachno fascinating and simple, it offers rest and relaxation from the routine of their players, which explains its popularity. Fans of this game - it's the children and staff in offices. With us you can in this game lines to play online, play online line, moving and building the balls in one line. When one line game balls will type at least 7 balls of the same color they will disappear. For the missing line receive points. The more balls had disappeared in the line, the more points accrued. The purpose of Lines 98 - is to score the greatest number of points. The game lasts as long as there are empty cells for peremeschniya balls on the field. To move the line of balls to play online, you need to click on it and then click on the cell in which you want to move it. If you move the line is not removed, the field appears on three new balls that were visible above the playing field, play ball line online.