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Many flash games Prototype repeated story full version of this game. They have to fight various villains and use superhuman abilities of the protagonist.

In humans, there is a psychological trait - he is afraid of his own fear. The realization that you're afraid of, is one of the most uncomfortable feelings that brought each of us to experience. Therefore, an emotion of fear often undergoes displacement in a variety of forms. One of the most common options - make friends with your fear and tame it. And make it a lot easier than it looks from the outside. Culture has always contain an element of psychotherapy. Especially if it is a mass culture that works with the emotions of most people. She manages especially to work effectively with human fears - create, mute, manipulate people with what they fear. For a long time the whole world lived under the yoke of terror that evoked the possibility of nuclear war. The two superpowers - the United States and the Soviet Union - not only kept his hand on the ominous red button, but properly treated its citizens, so that they did not relate to this issue lightly. At this very quickly reacted to the mass culture. This is particularly clearly seen in the evolution of images of superheroes. If Superman has his abilities because he is an alien from another planet, Batman relies on intelligence and research, against the background of a nuclear excitement began to emerge characters who have undergone physical modifications through scientific experiments. Among which, of course, figured radiation exposure. And more often than not the hero became so by choice. And in the way of fighting against evil appeared compassionate notes, because he looked like a guinea pig. And in its place could be one of the inhabitants of the planet, where invented nuclear weapons. Now it is a feeling of constant danger blunted peace treaties that have entered into between the holders of a red button. But the images of superheroes continue to move in the same direction. The man turned into a monster battle in secret laboratories, it is not only the key character of comic books and movies, but also video games. The most advanced of these you can find on our website under the tag game prototype. Hero, able to grow huge claws, run on the walls, both on the sidewalks and take any shape they destroyed the enemy is holding the dynamic and exciting action-packed plot. We offer you not only the download full-fledged game, but also a flash game about the adventures of a mysterious Alex Mercer.