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Quests, which are also called action- adventure, require the player to solve various logic problems to advance through the story. Since the games of this genre the player to make decisions, the ending may depend on its actions. First-born of this genre were text quests, which appeared in the seventies. It was the story of the adventures of the hero in a large cave. Character control was carried out through text commands that had to be completed in the area, located at the bottom of the screen. The development of technology has allowed use in quests and graphics capabilities of the computer. The graphics in these games was the vector and not look like a color image painted on a black background with white lines. These pictures were completely static, and were simply by the background. There were frequent artifacts ( glitches ) of the image, this was due primarily to the imperfection of computers. Finally in the eighties with the advent of the eight - bit home computers, we see quests in color and fairly detailed image, but still it was only static images, and control of the hero was carried out with the help of the text. Developing, quests changed its appearance, as it should be fairly popular genre of games. Management was already clicks on the interactive image, the so-called «point-and-click», it was really easy compared to their predecessors. Today, we see the so -called Action - adventure, distinctive features, which are three-dimensional view of the atmosphere and the presence of what is happening. These quests allow you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game and to fully experience the feelings and joy associated with what is happening in the game. Heavy puzzle action - adventure game changed not complicated puzzles, which contributed to an increase in their popularity among players. There's also a more hardcore version of the quest called quest - puzzles. In these games you have to fully explore all the locations in search of clues to solving the problems in front of you, collect various items and combine them in a not always logically acceptable mechanisms. With the development of internet quests appeared in flash. Flash games quests are not much inferior to their older brothers and have a lot of fans around the world. Flash allows us to play in the quest line, which is useful in the office or outdoors. In Flash are quite popular games like - leave the room, the main task is to leave the closed room, without logic and reflection, which, it will be difficult to fulfill. On our site you will be able to appreciate the many quests that are sure you will enjoy. Play the game online only with us.